Top 10 Tips & Rules For Strip Poker Game

Do you fancy card games? Do card games race your hearts? If yes, then it is sure that you love poker. Poker is a game of skill. It involves strategic thinking, suspense, drama and a lot of excitement. There is a reason why it is called Poker. It is because the biggest challenge is to keep a poker face while playing this game. It is extremely difficult to keep a straight face while playing poker, it is our human nature to react and show emotions. Poker alone is a very fun game and so are its variants. 

An exciting variant of poker is strip poker! Yes, you read it correctly. Strip Poker is a very popular version of poker. It involves players taking their clothes off when they lose a poker hand. Every piece of clothing you have on is allocated to a poker chip. This format lightens the environment and you can enjoy it with your friends. It is best when you play strip poker with some drinks to ease you in. Strip poker parties are very popular among youngsters and university students. As they love to take up such wild adventures. Any and everyone can have fun with strip poker you just need to know the rules.  

10 Tips and Rules of strip poker

Here are a few tips for you to enjoy this game to the fullest. 

  • Speak to everyone and clarify their doubts 

The idea of strip poker might come as a surprise to your friends. Therefore you must speak to them beforehand and make sure they are open to the idea. Answer all their doubts and make sure they are fully convinced to pay. Make it clear that this is a very intimate game and ensure the about the settings and the people invited. 

  • Invite only known people

Only invite people you know. Since no one likes to get undressed in front of unknown people. All the players must know each other and be comfortable with each other. 

  • Make a comfortable atmosphere

Set up an atmosphere that is fit for playing strip poker. Have a mood lighting and play some good music. Do not stress so much all you need is a good fun environment which is cosy and comfortable.  

  • Keep the mood light 

Make sure that the people you are going to play with are here for a light party. Everyone stays cordial with each other and there are no issues between them. 

  • Add drinks to the party along with some munchies 

It is better to always have some munchies around you while playing poker. It is an old tradition. If you want to can add a few drinks to the setting too. This will only make everyone ease into the game.

Strip Poker rules are similar to regular poker just with a spice twist!

  • Valuating the clothes: It is important to allocate points to each clothing item. For instance, it would be unfair if a male player just removes a sock when the female player has to remove her skirt. Therefore, it is important to value the clothing equally. Keep in mind that accessories do not count so make the scoring pattern wisely. 
  • Permission to fold: like any other poker game a player can fold at any time of the game. But yes they have to give up a clothing item the bet before folding their cards.
  • The blinds: Blinds are basically the betting pool. The blinds can be big or small there are no limitations to them. Poker is about winning that prize pool. Whatever you bet will be a part of it and the entire blinds depend on the players.
  • Numbering the clothes: To keep the game fair everyone must count the clothes they are wearing. In this way, the betting system will be decided with the points. This is necessary so that if someone has an extra clothing item it will give them an advantage over others. 
  • Betting your clothes: Before you start a hand you need to bet one item of your clothing. As the poker hand ends if you win you get to keep it, if you lose you need to give it away. 
  • Dealing the cards: The dealer needs to deal with the cards with every player. It depends on the game format and how the cards will be dealt with. 
  • Blind exchange: After the cards are dealt the players can opt for a blind exchange of their first two cards if they do not like it. 
  • The sequence of turns: The game begins from the left. Every player on the left gets to play next. The player sitting on the left of the dealer starts the game. 
  • The showdown: Now it’s time to play the game! Play your poker hands and make sets and sequences to win the game. The highest hand wins and the weakest ones lose. 

It is important to follow all these rules for a properly functioning game. 

Two versions of Strip Poker 

  • Five-card draw:

This is the classic five-card draw game where everyone is dealt with five cards at the start itself. 

  • Texas Hold’em:

This is another version of poker. This variant is filled with a little bit of mystery.  Where the players are first dealt with two cards and the rest three are dealt later that they can only see later. 

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