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Booty Hunter MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

Alpha v0.5.3
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Alpha v0.5.3
Mar 08, 2024
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Booty Hunter MOD APK Download: The game’s main menu has been reworked and is much more user-friendly. I took the liberty of adding the names of the supporters to the main menu. The list is outdated because I removed some names a few days ago. If anyone feels uncomfortable, let me know. I’m still considering whether to keep this when I release the version. Tell me what you think. Do you want your names credited on the main menu?


Ported to Android

Booty Hunter MOD APK Download

Now you can adjust the opacity of the text boxes so that they don’t… uh, get in the way of seeing something more important, lol.

Maria, Swift, Nojiko, and Hina are now available on the map for you to interact with. Go talk to them—I bet they have something interesting to say or might ask you to do something. Of course, you’ll be rewarded for it, hehe.

New islands have appeared, and now the number of discovered islands is displayed on the travel screen so you can see if there’s anything left to discover. Now, the islands also display available bounties and mark them as completed if all are done. I’m thinking about adding more than just bounties, but that might be for another version. Give me ideas!

And now, let’s move on to the main course: the new combat and level-up system.

When the player levels up, the attack and defense will no longer increase automatically. Instead, the player will earn SP and AP (Status Points and Ability Points, respectively).

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