Cave Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Characters Unlock)

Cave Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Characters Unlock)

Cave Blast is a fast paced flying and shooting game where you have to fly jetpack around the cave and destroy endless waves of monsters with funny but powerful weapons!
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January 14, 2022
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Cave Blast MOD APK Download: is a fast paced flying and shooting game where you have to fly jetpack around the cave and destroy endless waves of monsters with funny but powerful weapons!

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Mod Info?

You can experience all characters and endless props.

Install Steps:

Cave Blast MOD APK Download

Keep jetpack flying around the arena with one of the cute tiny characters and twin stick shooting down the monsters to collect deadly guns, crazy power ups or even helpful minions to follow and help you out in surviving this fun endless jetpack game!

This free jetpack shooter contains:

☉ fast paced jetpack flying game mixed in addictive twin stick shooter game
☉ dozen of funny and powerful weapons to kill monsters with
☉ easy and responsive twin stick shooting game controls
☉ cute pet minions to follow & help you in endless shooting game play
☉ upgrades you can collect and use in the next shoot out
☉ many monsters from hell to destroy
☉ vehicle you can hijack and start flying and shooting game
☉ addicting XP system which adds a bit of RPG flavor
☉ weapon upgrades to increase bullet count or damage
☉ cool weapon dual wielding
☉ one of the best jetpack shooting games ever
☉ lots of arcade action in a tiny jetpack game

Intense and Fun Shoot Em Up Game Play

This addictive shoot em up game (SHMUP) packs a great amount of fast jetpack flying and fun twin stick shooter action in a tiny container! Feel adrenaline rush by sliding on the ground and shooting up monsters above you with dual UZI guns! Get your penguin pet minion to freeze the potato boss and dash through fun bullet hell with your minigun! Fill the screen with bacon blaster beams from meat grinder gun, freeze monsters with magical ice staff or maybe shoot eggs out of a chicken!

Hijack plane from aviator mole and use it to fly and shoot bullets at the evil monsters! It’s up to you how to approach the fight and that’s what makes Cave Blast a very addictive shoot em up jetpack game! In this cave arena ceiling is the limit! Literally.

Responsive Fun Jetpack Flying Controls

It’s hard to get on-screen twin stick joystick controls to work well in mobile twin stick flying shoot em up games, but a combination of high responsiveness, smooth movement and fair hitboxes did not disappoint hardcore gamers nor casual fans of fun jetpack flying games. Jump in and joyride through some monsters shooting them with dual UZIs to find out for yourself!

Crazy Shoot Em Up Game Weapons

To keep this jetpack shooting game exciting and fun, there’s a ton of funny weapons to collect from killed demons and spice up the fast paced combat. There are pistols, UZI, machinegun, shotgun, bacon blaster, chicken egg gun, bee launcher, magical ice spell staff and, of course, crowd favorite – rocket launcher. And here’s more! Continue shooting and killing monsters to get more power up drops, which will switch your weapon to dual-wielding mode or increase the amount of projectiles. It will get insane!

Gain More Kills Unlock Cute Characters

Shoot monsters to increase your kill counter and unlock multiple flying animal heroes and human characters to keep flying and shooting around the cave with. There’s a tasty piglet, brave pug hero hero, cute bunny pet, deadly hitman and bored mailman to choose from. Before the shooting and flying game play starts, select your minion pet, power ups or upgrades to start the next shmup game round with. Penguin and spike shooting bee are available as your minions, which will stay close while you keep jetpack flying around the cave during fun endless bullet hell game.

If you enjoy flying and shooting games, you will have fun killing monsters from hell in this addictive twin stick shooter game! Cave Blast is one of the most fun jetpack shooting games there is!

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