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Delivery KORE MDO APK (Unlimited Stamina/Jump)

◻ Welcome to Eleusis, the forest of Middle-earth where souls of the dead gather!
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June 18, 2023
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Delivery KORE MDO APK Download: the forest of Middle-earth where souls of the dead gather! Girl of the forest and Child of the forest. The souls of the dead are reborn in various forms such as plants and animals in Eleusis. 「Kore」, the girl of the forest, takes the cute 「Poring」, the child of the forest, and combines souls to create a new life.

Mod Info?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Stamina
3. Unlimited Jump

Delivery KORE MDO APK Download

◻ Open world Adventure : Your own sensibility & healing story created in the forest
Gather souls with Poring and discover new places and animals in a colorful and changing forest landscape. And create Poring of Light against the threat of 「Hades and the Black Storm」 that has invaded Eleusis and save the forest.

Freely roam the forest with Kore and Poring and write down your own play. Are you ready to embark on a life of open world adventure that can be a little fast or a little slow?

◻ Eleusis in Danger

One day, the「Black storm」 began to come. In the Black storm, the evil energy of Hades colored the forest, and eventually Mama, the owner of the forest and the only family of Kore, lost her strength and memory and collapsed.

The only way for Kore to defeat Hades is to create the 「Poring of light」! Will Kore be able to overcome this crisis and protect her precious Mama and the forest?

◻ Poring that contains the soul and the Birth of girls
Poring has the ability to contain souls. While exploring Eleusis, the combination of souls you put in your Poring will have a great impact on the girl who will be born in the future. Don’t you wonder what kind of girl your Poring will evolve into as it grows?

◻ Over 30,000 soul combinations! ✰Over 30,000 attractive girls!✰
Poring with over 30,000 possible soul combinations! Over 30,000 beautiful girls born from that Poring! The birth march of charming girls who proudly show off their own unique charms~! We utilized AI technology brought from the human world to capture the blossoming girl’s beauty in full emotion-filled illustrations. In the countless opportunities of birth, the girls of destiny that you will choose are…?

◻ D.I.Y Kore : Customize your own Kore
Create your own Kore with your unique style by choosing costumes and hairstyles that suit your taste. Your adventure will become even more enjoyable. If it changes too much, Poring might not recognize you…?

◻ Recommended for these people!
• Those who love the freedom of an open world.
• Those who like a bag full of farming items.
• Those who like to collect attractive girl’s illustrations.
• Those who like cute creatures.
• Those who like training simulation.
• Those who want to feel the comfort of the forest anytime, anywhere.
• Those who like single play.

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