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Demon Slayer Shion MOD APK ENG (Android/Port) Download

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Nov 26, 2023
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Demon Slayer Shion MOD APK Download: Shion’s fellow Demon Slayer has gone missing in an otherworldly cave, and it’s up to her teammates to find and rescue her! Just what horrors await them?

After reports emerge of the disappearance of the greatest Demon Slayer, Ayano Senjuin, a search party is formed to investigate her whereabouts. Eventually, even the search party goes missing. Having learned of this, Shion Rokujou, a top-class Demon Slayer, hastily sets out on her own in search of Ayano and the search party.

Mod Info?

Ported to Android

• Support Gamepad
• One press to move
• One long press to speed up
• Two fingers at the same time to open menu
• Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box

Demon Slayer Shion MOD APK Download

Will Shion be able to find Ayano and her comrades? Will she succumb to the same fate? And what kinds of foul creatures will Shion encounter in that extraordinary cave?

Dive into its depths and find out!

Battle your way through the various levels of this complex and supernatural cave while managing your intake of its poisonous fluids and fumes. If too much poison accumulates within you, travel back to the base and have the poison extractor detox you.

Along the way, you will find fellow Demon Slayers that have also gone missing in the cave. Release them to get various rewards, as well as Spirit Energy. Spirit Energy allows you to gain new abilities and techniques, and it also functions as a currency between Demon Slayers.

Your actions and choices in your journey will trigger different endings, so be careful!

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