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Depraved Awakening MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Nov 15, 2023
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Depraved Awakening MOD APK Download: The City of Broken Dreamers will be based in a setting that heavily borrows from the genres of cyberpunk and cyberprep with a heavy dose of film noir. Based in future Los Angeles corporations and media magnates dominate daily life. Who knows, with the right choices and a little luck, you might even break their hold over the city. But don’t count on it.


1. Ported to Android
2. Maid Lain’s Multi-Mod
– Walkthrough Mod
– Includes Incest Patch
3. Gallery Unlocked

Depraved Awakening MOD APK Download

You play as a Ghost, a bounty hunter for hire. Ghosts often have the backing of the rich and powerful and are thus almost immune to the law. Among Ghosts, you are considered one of the best, but behind that lies a man running from his troubled past. Your next mark is a young girl with a hidden, and troubling secret. And when you face her, you’ll face your demons as well. You will meet a large cast of characters, both allies and enemies. How you interact with them will be up to you. Do you keep it professional? Ditch them? Or take them up on a night of hot, steamy, — well, you get the point.

Are you looking for something with a bit more edge? Where story, and characters comes first? A world with a thick backstory? This will all play out in a City of Broken Dreamers. The game will be dark, it will be fun, it will be sexy, but most importantly it will be engaging.


  • 1920 by 1080 high quality 3d rendered images.
  • Full 1920 by 1080 animations that run at 30 fps
  • Overarching plot where every choice has an impact on how the story will unfold
  • Fully licensed soundtrack in help immerse you in the world
  • Completely optional collectible side game.
  • Full scene replay theater to experience your accomplishments again 🙂

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