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Divimera MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Dec 26, 2023
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Divimera MOD APK Download: is an adult visual novel/dating sim game with point-and-click and sandbox gameplay. It is set in a Victorian fantasy world inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and contains strong language, some elements of horror, and a lot of pornographic images and animations. The main aspects explored in the game is: romance, light femdom, impregnation, and harem. As such, it is not suitable for minors.


Ported to Android

Divimera MOD APK Download

  • In Divimera, you explore the locations, interact with characters and objects, and progress through the story which shapes in a different way based on your choices.
  • The side quests often involve solving problems that different characters have, some of the sidequests are multi-ended, and most can be skipped or not completed if you wish to. But they help you obtain items to regenerate your sanity level, and gain points of seduction towards certain characters etc.
  • In the game, you have a gauge of Sanity on your left, this gauge is a flavored hitpoint system for the character. If you deplete it fully, it’s game over. We have a plan to expand this system and make it influence a bit more things. But this would be for later, once the most important aspects are developed.
  • I’m not into stat grinding or any other type of grind. The game will be a focused experience on the story and on the erotic content first. The points and clicks elements are here to immerse you in the world and help make it feel like a real place, but the structure is one of a classic visual novel with choices that influence who you will end up with and what end you will get without any mindless grind in-between.
  • The girls’ route will be one on one situation with no sharing, but there is also a big spot reserved for Harem later on in the game if you wish to go that way…
  • The harem route will be open only in the middle part of the game after you discover something special (that I won’t spoil). You will be free to use it or not, thus opening or closing the harem route for your playthrough.

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