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Elf Breeding Farm MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Jan 26, 2024
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Elf Breeding Farm MOD APK Download: Everyone knows the deal with being reborn in another world by now right? Awesome abilities and overpowered weapons galore! Well unfortunately for our “hero” that isn’t the case.

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Ported to Android

Elf Breeding Farm MOD APK Download

Waking up with a burning desire to slay dragons you embark on your quest, but quickly realize you’re an average human in this world too! Failing to slay the dragon the townspeople look to sacrifice you to satisfy the beast. Instead of finding out if you can be reborn once more, beautiful elves appear and knock the big beastie out cold. Your heartfelt thanks fall on deaf ears as the elves scold you and the townspeople for disturbing the dragon and blame them for their overabundance of greed.

Once the dragon debacle settles, and our hero now kicked out of town, dashes off into the woods in hopes of catching a glimpse of one of those busty
booty-full elf babes! With a mind addled with lewd thoughts, you stumble through some “impenetrable” magical barrier and fall face first into the ample bosom of a very angry (but still very sexy) savior who is shockingly, unhappy to see you.

An altercation ensues and Melvie leader of the Dark Elves, appears to whisk our poor protagonist away to have her wicked way with you, tying you up… only to sacrifice you to some dark spirits! (I know not as sexy as I was hoping either.) However, part-way through Melvie’s big evil speech, her magical restraints come undone, as you restrain the urge to hypnotically stair at the subtle jiggle of her assets! It’s time to show these stuck-up elves the power of your human long-sword!

Work your way through this foreign land collecting a harem of succulent elves in this tasty tale of depravity. Do you think you’re a lewd enough dude to domesticate this elven empire?

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