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Elfheim – Chapter 2 APK (Android/Port) Download

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Feb 14, 2024
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Elfheim APK Download: Elfheim is a magical land beyond your wildest dreams! There are Elves, mysteries and adventures around every corner, but beware! This distant place is not for your usual by the book adventuring… more often than not…. expect things to get lewd.


1. Ported to Android

Alfheim APK Download

We are a small group of friends working hard to bring lewd Elvish experiences to life, each adventure will work both as part of a larger picture and as a standalone narrative.

Our first title is a Kinetic Visual Novel featuring art drawn by Sunna and will also include a lovely soundtrack. The initial release will feature the mishaps of a certain stranded slime; it will be incrementally updated as more content is produced.

Right now we have 6 Pledge Tiers available, each one has the benefits of the previous and one or more rewards of their own, here is a short version of what they provide:

  • Wood – You get to help us with precious support so we can keep creating our projects! 
  • Porcelain – You will get access to every playable version 4 Weeks after it’s out and you gain access to our polls regarding future updates.
  • Iron – Access to every playable version 2 Weeks after it’s out and you also get access to Art Previews, they are a little sneak peek of the artwork which is being completed for future versions by our illustrious Sunna. 
  • Bronze – This tier will grant you instant access to all versions of our project(s).
  • Silver – Your name(or nickname) will be featured in the credits as one of the supporters responsible for making Elfheim a reality.
  • Gold – You will get access to the Elvish Pack containing all the assets being used from the past and latest versions, a collector’s dream!


Version Size Requirements Date
0.1.6 136.9 MB - 26/11/2023

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