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Eternal Crypt MOD APK -Wizardry BC (Damage Multiplier)

The time has come for the Dungeon of Dudael to open...
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Apr 6, 2024
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The time has come for the Dungeon of Dudael to open. The ancient seal has been broken. As Guild Master, you must use your wits to the fullest, Join adventurers in the endless depths of the dungeon to win treasures!

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Mod Info?

1. Damage multiplier

Eternal Crypt MOD APK Damage Multiplier

The timeless classic “Wizardry” series returns as an endlessly playable RPG,
combining strategy and idle tapping,
making its debut in the blockchain gaming world!

Features of Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC – “ECwiz”

・Addictive Gameplay:
Collect gold by defeating enemies, and upgrade your Adventurers.
The more you train them, the stronger they become,
allowing you to vanquish formidable foes lurking in the Dungeon.

・Strategic Depth:
Inherited from the Wizardry lineage,
mastering the party formation system is crucial for conquering the Dungeon.
Combine the three familiar personalities from Wizardry,
along with four races and eight classes,
to assemble your party and venture into the unexplored abysses of the Dungeon.

・Ease of Play:
No complex controls needed!
Simple tap-based actions allow you to take on the Dungeon in your spare time.

・Innovative Features:
For the first time in the “Wizardry” series, which has been a pioneer in the history of gaming,
blockchain technology has been integrated.
Enjoy trading with other Guild Masters (players)
using items and the precious Blood Crystals obtained in the Dungeon of Dudael.

Eternal Crypt MOD APK Unlocked

In another world, far, far away…
The Kingdom of Mocerd sustained a long period of tranquillity, but it was broken when a group of Adventurers discovered the Dungeon of Dudael.

From this unexplored region, the “Blood Crystal”, a precious stone, was found
along with Ancient Pieces and many sacred artifacts that have existed since the age of myth,

While the discovery of these relics brought the people wealth and riches,
it also brought about an outbreak of Monsters.

Although the kingdom is plagued by relentless attacks from these monsters,
Adventurers from across the lands flocked to the kingdom to discover Blood Crystals and other treasures of the unexplored lands.

You, the Master of the Adventurers’ Guild, have been issued a royal decree by King Okeir of Mocerd.
“Assemble the Adventurers, forge ahead into the dungeon, and the monsters that dwell within.
You will be rewarded with the dungeon’s treasures and Blood Crystals,
and awarded the title of ‘Wizardry’, the most prestigious honour in the Kingdom.

Some strive for peace, some are motivated by riches, and some do it for honour.
Hire and train this motley group of Adventurers, and begin your story
as you go forth into the depths of the seemingly endless Dungeon of Dudael.

■ Recommended Devices
OS: Android 8 or higher, RAM 6GB or more
Please note that even devices meeting the above criteria may not be supported or may not function properly.

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