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Forbidden Confessions Neighbor MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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May 3, 2023
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Forbidden Confessions Neighbor MOD APK Download: As aspiring creators, Strange Girl Studios aims to make naughty and lewd games that have actual gameplay alongside a consistent art style. We always thought that the NSFW space (not just adult games) is a different battlefield with unique rules in terms of design and execution.


Ported to Android

Forbidden Confessions Neighbor MOD APK Download

We’re not that old as a team yet, and as we’re learning new stuff in order to make our games better and professional, we’re also just knowing each other ourselves. Since we started Lovecraft Locker, we all learned new art techniques, programming styles, animation strategies, handling optimization, concept abstraction and so much more!

Your support means a lot to us. It will allow us to spend more time working on our projects (we work full-time jobs, so taking a leave for a day or two to focus on a game is huge). Our ultimate goal is to work full-time at Strange Girl Studios so we can produce more updates with top-notch quality!

We have plenty of ideas at the moment. Lovecraft Locker is just the first of the infinite of games we’re hoping to make. We even have a myriad of ideas to take Lovecraft Locker.

You didn’t ask, but I’ll answer that anyways. We want to give that “anthropomorphized” feel to our team, and we just basically like how it sounds. However, as Strange Girl studios, we’ll be sticking to games centered around strange girls.

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