Gods of Myth MOD APK: Idle RPG (DMG & DEF Multiplier/God Mode)

Slayer, Collect All Heroes and Form the Strongest Formation!! Free 100x Summon!!
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UpdatedNov 20, 2023
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Gods of Myth MOD APK Download: Slayer, Collect All Heroes and Form the Strongest Formation!! Free 100x Summon!! Gods of Myth: Idle RPG, is a real time based Landscape version mobile game with 3D Anime art style. There are dozens of mythological characters and legendary heroes from various factions that can be collected to make your formation invincible! Dozens of legendary heroes combined with a game background that has a mythological theme makes the Gods of Myth game never boring.

Mod Info?

  1. damage multiplier
  2. defense multiplier
  3. god mode
  4. game speed

Gods of Myth MOD APK Download

[Mythological Characters and Legendary Heroes]
There are 75 Heroes from 7 different Factions that Slayers can collect. Each hero has different Active and Passive skills, and has their own unique talents and buff effects. Collect all the heroes and #BeUnbeatable!

[Cross Server Battle]
Slayers can join random teams to fight slayers from other servers, use the best formations and combos to win and get huge prizes (Camp PvP, Cross Server War).

[Challenging Dungeon]
Conquer dungeons and collect as many items as possible! There are many dungeons such as Tower of Abyss, Shadow City and many others, where Slayers can get various items to improve Equipment, Heroes, free Diamonds and many other attractive prizes.

[AFK Benefit]
Slayers don’t need to be afraid of lagging behind in progress when they’re busy and can’t log into the game. This AFK feature is very beneficial for Slayers when conquering stages in the tower, both when logged in and when offline. Get Exp, Coins, Items and many other prizes easily and fun.

Let’s compete with other Slayers to become the strongest and enjoy attractive benefits on each server!!

Visit the website and social media for the latest information & take part in events with prizes for interesting in-game items and merchandise:

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