Heroes War: Counterattack MOD APK (Damage & Defense Multipliers)

Heroes War: Counterattack MOD APK (Damage & Defense Multipliers)


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March 14, 2022
47.2 MB + 1.5 GB

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Heroes War Counterattack MOD APK Download: The world is in chaos. The Z-virus has killed and mutated more than a third of mankind. Get ready to fight an epic war in this post-apocalyptic world between heroes of opposing forces.

Mod Info?

Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier

Don’t enable any feature during tutorial.

Heroes War: Counterattack MOD APK Download

Battle alongside friends and guild members throughout your online adventure. Recruit mercenaries, collect equipment, and power up skills/abilities to become the hero in this epic fantasy RPG. Use your strategy and skill to win the battle in a variety of modes including campaigns, dungeons, and the Arena. Fight for your survival in Heroes War, the epic turn-based strategy RPG!

💥 Build Your Team
– Recruit various unique Mercenaries instantly without drawing
– Customize your Mercenaries’ skills to become the hero of the Arena
– Come up with the best team and strategy to win battles

💥 Turn the Tide with a Counterattack
– Enjoy a realistic battle system where you can control hero movements AND attack directions
– Counterattack your opponent with the turn-reversing ‘Rage Skill.’
– Master a unique style of dynamic PvP combat

💥 Adventure with Your Friends
– Invite friends and team up to complete missions
– Join a guild or create your own to enjoy friendly matches
– Battle together with a guild member to get trophies

💥 Jump into the Epic Story
– Experience the immersive gameplay and plot that draws you into the post-apocalyptic world
– Take part in the Two Last Forces’ fight for survival
– Encounter ongoing battles and mysterious mutants

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