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Indecent Wife Hana MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Jan 3, 2024
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Tatsuki, our protagonist, discovers the pleasure of sharing his loving wife, Hana, with a young guy who stays at her home during college. How far will Hana go to satisfy her husband’s fetish? Will she break the rules set by him? Find out in this cute but thrilling story.


1. Paid To Free
2. Uncensored Patch

Credit to: Fallen Eros

As mentioned in the Title it’s a Renpy game and needs Joiplay to play on Android as it was originally made for windows.
Follow the steps carefully:-
1. Download “” and EXTRACT it using your file explorer extractor or any 3rd party app for ex :- Zarchiver, winrar, etc.

2. Download “JoiPlay-1.20.400-patreon-release.apk” and “RenPyPlugin-8.1.1_7.6.1_001-patreon-release.apk” and install them both. You’ll see you can open Joiplay but you won’t be able to open RenpyPlugin cuz it’s a plugin to run Renpy games.

3. Now follow this step by step VIDEO tutorial on how to add games in Joiplay:-

Make sure to follow 1. And 2. Before
watching this

Monthly or Bi-weekly. Each month you’ll get more story and a minimum of 3 new CG illustrations with variations.

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