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Knightly Passions APK (Android/Port) Download Latest Version

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UpdatedNov 3, 2023


Knightly Passions APK Download: What could be better than experiencing the good old-fashioned adventures of a valiant hunter in a harsh medieval world? Having those adventures in a magical medieval world, of course!


Ported to Android
its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices..

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Fantastical monsters, devious witches, ruthless and arrogant nobles, greedy and villainous mercenaries, magical battles, a whole host of engaging relationships with ravishing heroines of various races – these are only a fraction of what the player character will face as he quests to find his lost sister. Will our hero manage to find faithful friends and companions in the realm, acquire powerful weapons and mythical artifacts, and present the forces of evil with a worthy foe? Will he be able to reach heights unknown to even the most glorious knights? And will he have enough strength to withstand the devil’s mightiest weapon – temptation?

Knightly Passions is a nonlinear visual novel with RPG elements that brings together the very best aspects of the genre. The many battles, engaging exploration, and search for the finest equipment will immerse you in the game’s atmosphere, while its diverse secrets, puzzles, mysteries, and riddles will enable you to discover the outstanding warrior and sage that dwells within you. Here, only you can decide how to operate, who to consider your friend or enemy, how to conduct yourself with each of the heroines, and how to act in difficult situations – will you wade into combat, or negotiate with the help of your charisma or wealth? It all depends on you – can you transform yourself into an exalted warrior and be the champion of a downtrodden world?


Version Size Requirements Date
0.10c - - 29/10/2022

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