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Lineage or Legacy MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

Ch.4 Act I
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Ch.4 Act I
Oct 26, 2023
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Lineage or Legacy MOD APK Download: is a story that puts you in the shoes of a pampered rich kid who spent most of his life carefree in part to his mother’s overbearing affection and the father’s lack of care. Now that you’re older, your father intends to hand the family business down but is reluctant because of your current condition. Overtime, his patience grows thinner from the decisions you’ve made and your refusal to change your bad habits.


1. Ported to Android
2. LaikDink’s Multi-Mod
– Walkthrough Mod
– Cheat Mod

Lineage or Legacy MOD APK Download

Tired of the constant arguing and growing physical altercations with your father, you decide to runaway from home and head out to LewSerr University for a shot at higher education so that you may live your life how you see fit. However everything changes once you go through a life altering experience that completely changes you as a person physically and mentally.

Leaving your comfy life behind, you’ll face challenges that will shape who you become as a person, you’ll build relations with the cast, what they think about you and the decisions that you make.

The big question is: Will you follow in your father’s footsteps and take a hold of the legacy he has created or take a chance at life and create your own lineage?

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