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Lust Legion MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

Demo v1.0
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Demo v1.0
Mar 20, 2024
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Lust Legion is a visual novel, adventure story telling game. Gorgeous hand-drawn characters and animated scenes are waiting for you! Choose the best path you want to follow for each character, but remember, there’s no coming back.

Lust Legion MOD APK For Android

As the demon reveals herself to you, her cunning and amoral nature becomes apparent. She offers her assistance in overcoming your life’s challenges, but her true motive is darker – seeking revenge on those who imprisoned her. As you juggle the complexities of daily existence, the demon’s influence ranges from tactical guidance to the manifestation of your suppressed desires. The choices you make reverberate through the narrative, eventually leading to a climactic clash involving you, the demon, and the forces vested in keeping her locked away.

Your choices will shape what happens next. Will you give in to bad thoughts and desires? Or will you do things your own way? Along the way, you’ll meet different creatures that could be friends or enemies. In the end, you’ll face a big showdown between you, the demon, and the people who want to keep her trapped.

What will you do in this adventure? It’s up to you! Just remember, danger is always around, and you’ll meet lots of new beings. You decide if they’re on your side or not.

Lust Legion MOD APK Features:

Hand-drawn characters, environment and CGs scenes you will encounter on this journey, both humans and non humans entities.

A long-term story with numerous characters and quests: Make your own path with each character you will encounter!

Open-world style gameplay: Progress with the story of each character in the order you prefer.

Minigames: plenty of minigames coming up in the game, both to earn money and other.

Join the community! This is not a game feature, but if you’re interested in giving some suggestions, ideas or simply talking with other people, consider joining our discord server here!

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