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UpdatedApr 04, 2024


The story is about a young guy who’s graduating from high school. Before his school life ends, he wants to confess to his crush. Her name is Rei and she quickly turns him down, crushing his dreams in public. The embarassment turns to motivation as he continues spending the following years in solitude. During that period, he turned his ordinary smart phone into a time travelling device. His goal was to undo his confession mistake but only ends up sending himself back all the way to the 90s, where he meets a different kind of girl. One that might end up being his true love.


Ported to Android

My Darling In The 90s MOD APK For Android

The game features many player choices and multiple endings. As for the visual part of the game, it contains two art styles for the characters. A modern style with Live2d animations and a retro pixel style. On top of that, not only the characters change, but the game itself as well. The user interface and backgrounds warp into a pixelated style, even the music turns retro. Everything together makes for a diverse gameplay experience.

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