My Fake Boyfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Fake Boyfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 23, 2022
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My Fake Boyfriend MOD APK Download: You are the protagonist! Enjoy romantic encounters with handsome FAKE boyfriends! You’re a normal young woman who’s recently lost your boyfriend. “You’re not used to being in love. You’re so boring. Let’s break up!”

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Free Premium Choices

My Fake Boyfriend MOD APK Download

You’re shocked when you hear about ‘fake boyfriends’ from your
co-worker, Miyuki. She tells you what a ‘fake boyfriend’ is.

“A fake boyfriend is a guy you can ‘practice’ being in love with.
By going on dates with him, you can learn the skills you need to
approach someone you really like.”

Later, you hear the news that a new employee, Joshua Smith, will be
transferring from America soon. You see his picture and instantly fall
in love. Eventually, you decide to get a fake boyfriend to become more
attractive in hopes of seducing the charming Joshua.

Will your practice relationship be successful?
Will Joshua be the prince of your dreams?
What will happen between you and your fake boyfriend?

Let’s go find your TRUE LOVE!

Ren Shinohara (25)
Your silent, mature co-worker. He secretly helps you with your work.

Liam Lauretta Jin (27)
A cheerful professional fake boyfriend. He’s also the president of
your company’s sister company.

Haruhiko Mizushima (35)
Your kind-hearted manager. Always laid-back and very considerate.

Joshua Smith (30)
Your prince charming, but you don’t really know his true nature yet…

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