My Office Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Office Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 26, 2022
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My Office Romance MOD APK Download: Journey from start to finish for free in this visual romance book, choosing your way through the exciting mystery! You won’t be able to put this thrilling romantic interactive choice game down, with it’s action, mystery and, of course, three serious hotties!

Mod Info?

>Free Premium Choices

My Office Romance MOD APK Download

**In this romantic interactive story, you become the beautiful, smart heroine who gets to make both important and fun choices, including which gorgeous man to end up with!**

**With choices involving suspicious office occurrences, boats and three persistent, not to mention insanely good-looking men, you’ll feel completely part of this romance choice novel!**

Synopsis / Characters

For several years you’ve been so focused on work at a toy production company, you haven’t dated in forever! You’re in-line for a big promotion, when you get wrongly accused of spying for a rival company! Your boss gives you a second chance working on a huge project so you can redeem yourself and prove your innocence. You put your all into it, along with three seriously hot co-workers, all vying for your attention!

It’s smooth sailing, until someone steals this project for the rival company yet again! Your given a last chance to uncover the truth of who the company spy is or you will get the boot!

[Co-Worker Oliver]
All lean muscle, height and a handsome face, Oliver has been your co-worker for years. More than that, he’s been your arch work-rival too, just as determined to succeed on the job as you! He loves to compete, at anything. So, keep your wits about you with this driven, sometimes suspicious-seeming man!

[Co-Worker Connor]
With drool-worthy, model good-looks, Connor is extremely shy and easily flustered, rather than full of himself. It’s quite the deadly combination, especially if you get to know him enough to see his inner passion! Watch out! This beautiful man with his adorable blushing cheeks might be more devious…and dangerous than meets the eye!

[Co-Worker Brent]
Cocky, ridiculously hot, and an incredible flirt, Brent is both charming and at times, annoyingly confident. And there’s that little matter of getting a bit too close with him one night! On top of his player-skills, Brent is a computer whiz, making him even more attractive. Don’t let his smooth-talking get in the way of your investigation!

As you get deeper and deeper into this mystery game, making all kinds of choices, you get to work side-by-side with all three men. Adventure into this intriguing story to discover which dizzyingly hot man is right for you!

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