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No Random Novels MOD APK (Unlimited Gem/Menu) Download

◆What kind of game is No Random Novels?◆
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December 28, 2022
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No Random Novels MOD APK Download: What kind of game is No Random Novels? No Random Novels is a Visual Novel-style BL game that tells the story of writer Taeram who is thrown into a fantasy BL novel he wrote.
The player becomes the main character Taeram and can enjoy the journey with him.
Only your choice can change his future.

Table of Contents

Mod Info?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Gem – Increase instead of decrease
– Go to shop and buy coins

Note: Game is available in English.

No Random Novels MOD APK Download

◆ Plot ◆
Taeram, a writer, one day found himself a protagonist bottom in his BL novel.
If he fails to reach the designated ending, he will be stuck there forever.
To add insult to injury..
He has to team up with Seho, a junior college student, who constantly gets on his nerves.
To add even more trouble, there are secondary tops to hinder him.
Can Taeram return to his normal life safely?
Meet BL Fantasy Ren’ai Simulation Game you have been waiting for
No Random Novels


→ Taeram, the main character(CV. Lee, Joo-seung)
What did I do to deserve living through my cringiest novel…
A college student who becomes a protagonist bottom in his BL novel.
Full of emotion, active. He’s very adaptable.
He likes a handsome guy.

→ A feisty partner Seho(CV. Park, Yo-han)
Please stop staring at me. I find it unpleasant.
A college junior who came into the book with Taeram.
Although he acts Kiric Lu Perisian, the prince of Obsessive Bastard Top, he is blunt.

→ Fran, devoted to his love(CV. Jeong, Eui-Taek)
It is my duty as a priest to help those in need.
A character in a BL novel. High priest of Lian.
He loves Taeram at first sight and is secretly appealing around him.
Looks gentle and devoted, but appearance can be deceiving…

→ Intensely Flirting Mage Kairan(CV. Kim, Min-ju)
Then why not marry me?
A character in a BL novel. The court mage of the Luneber Empire.
On the border between a boy and a young man. He is inquisitive with a pure and innocent personality.
He seems to hide a special secret…

Game Features

– Beautiful illustrations drawn by famous illustrators such as Poison Illusion and Chang-eun.
– Voice support by top voice actors such as Park, Yo-han and Kim, Min-ju.
– Original sound including opening vocal songs.
– An immersive, tightly woven scenario from the original web novel.
– Multi-Ending! Your choice changes the future of the protagonist. See them all!

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