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Phantom Thief Effy MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

1.0.3 Steam
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1.0.3 Steam
Dec 10, 2023
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Phantom Thief Effy MOD APK Download: AI Translation is a project that utilizes machine translation tools to help non-Japanese speakers enjoy Japanese games.

The UI translation has been checked by a generous volunteer, just to make sure nothing hinders your experience!


1. Ported to Android
2. Gold
3. Recovery
4. Stats
5. Level +10

Phantom Thief Effy MOD APK Download

The patch is very easy to apply, so you can easily change the game’s language.

This AI translation patch was created based on the version of the PC game data as of [10 12,2022].

Please send any inquiries regarding the patch to the helpdesk.

Contents: English-language AI translation patch, original Japanese restoration patch, patch application manual.

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