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Return To Castle Wolfenstein MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Dec 31, 2023
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Return To Castle Wolfenstein MOD APK Download: The game is played from the first-person perspective, where the player’s task is to perform retrieval missions, sabotage or assassinations. Players can be armed with typical WW2 weaponry and can even use fictional weapons such as a German-made minigun or a Tesla gun.


1. Android Port
2. Supports All Devices
3. HD Graphics Enabled
4. Upscaled Resolution
5. Removed Unnecessary Files

Note: I have removed unnecessary files which sets the default language in “russian”.

Install Steps:
1. Extract the zip file and install the APK.
2. Put the file in the internal storage of your device.
3. Start the game and give necessary permissions.
4. Enjoy!

Return To Castle Wolfenstein MOD APK Download

Players can also use stealth to eliminate enemies, with some missions strictly requiring for stealth to be used. Enemies vary from standard soldiers to undead and experimental creatures. Health is replenished by collecting health packs and food. Armor also can be collected for additional protection.

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