Tien Vu Ky Duyen MOD APK (Free 10000 Spins/VIP 11)

Tien Vu Ky Duyen MOD APK (Free 10000 Spins/VIP 11)

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October 28, 2021
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Tien Vu Ky Duyen Mod APK Download: Sword Dance 3D – sounds familiar but is actually completely new – breakthrough in graphics as well as gameplay. A world of Tien Hiep is not only perfect in design but also full of romantic emotions with intimate movements like real life, suffocating with full map PK, boss hunting and thousands of people’s battles.

Mod Info?

*Private Server Features*
1. 10000 Spins
2. VIP 11


  • DJLB888
  • DJLB666
  • ZYZZ666
  • JFYL666
  • WSZQ666

Instructions for registering an account:

  • Line 1: 蔡小军
  • Line 2: 420923198802080937

Tien Vu Ky Duyen Mod APK

1. With view-locked 3D graphics, only 300MB+ capacity runs smoothly on all devices. Switch scenes without loading, automatically turn on anti-lag mode when accessing the network is weak, ensuring a smooth game experience, no dis, no lag.

2. Realistic wedding, intimate gesture. Players will experience the process of getting to know each other, proposing marriage, organizing wedding ceremonies and parties in the game, and above all, intimate gestures of husband and wife interaction to show affection for each other. Born to protect and nurture with the love of the spouses.

3. Anonymous – boss hunting. At Sword Dance 3D, players can buy masks to stay anonymous without revealing their identity. Doing a noble thing to help beauties, brothers do not need to repay. Or anonymously looting pepper, robbing the team’s boss is the choice of each person when wearing an anonymous mask. A friend or foe? A good man or a petty man?

4. The dramatic battles of Vo Dao Chi Ton, one and the same, Doc Kiem Can Doi in Tam Hung Tranh Ba, Hay and the guild stirred up the Battlefield of God, then when night fell, the brothers gathered again. rest and chat by the fire with warm wine. Brothers share equipment for secret life on map, transfer merit to each other, protect each other to hunt bosses. Or simply just a friend when bitter and sweet.

5. Huge boss system. Personal Boss, World Boss, Abyss Boss, Than Vo Boss, Hidden Dragon Cave, Ky Ngo Boss, Five Worlds Boss, Chaos Boss… Boss countdown, respawn continuously, eat boss to calculate last hit, create competition high harshness. However, each participant will receive 10 gifts from boss hunting with different content and qualities, not afraid of the “weak” without gifts, the big brother eats them all.

6. Free trade – Feel free to trade. A special feature in the game Sword Dance 3D is that boss hunting will drop unlocked equipment, creating opportunities for transactions and markets to flourish. With low-quality equipment, it will be combined into higher-quality equipment, which increases the character’s stats and collects more KNB when trading.

7. The system of characters Sword Vice, Ngu Linh, Bao Bao, Chien Than, Vo Song go to war – an effective assistant for the character. Increase attack, break armor, heal fast. It is possible to level up with materials from boss hunting, exchange, and free trade between players. Character fashion is carefully invested, players can dress up in many styles with hundreds of fashion items in many styles from classic to modern, from personality to elegant…

8. Special social interaction activities: enter the state of fish farming, take a fairy bath with beauties, voice chat, light a campfire, drink pink girls, jigsaw puzzles, delicious dishes all over the server… Together Many other special activities will give players an unforgettable experience.

9. Massive community, often offline, reputable VTC publisher, enthusiastic admin team available 24/7 to take care of customers.

All lead you into a perfect world of Tien Hiep portrayed most realistically, giving players a wonderful and magical game experience space, leading players through the legendary stages from the ancient era. From ancient times to the Human – Ma chi war, the incomparably powerful Demon King broke the barrier and the war started. And True Destiny Thien Son appeared to save the world. Who will that be?

Are you ready to enter the game, transform into a character and shoulder the responsibility of eradicating Magic Power to save humanity? Join the game to experience the masterpiece Sword Dance 3D – Breakthrough graphics, breakthrough gameplay.

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